schools lifestyle photography

We love shooting for school websites and promotional print media. Everyone is so happy! Kids from primary school to secondary schools and universities, they smile allot. Its easy to get this across in the photos when the smiles are evident, but of course this takes a while to get to. The kids have to feel at ease with the school photographer. Often they will start a little apprehensive and reserved so its my job to put them at ease and relaxed around the camera.  I like to get at eye level with the children,  as with all lifestyle photography. It puts me at the same level as them rather than an adults position so they instantly feel equal. Then I will join in the activity, kick a few balls around or just chat with the older teenagers. Once they are comfortable with me we can set the story going. I will let the activity play out and capture moments from it, rather than pose any photographs. This way the images will look natural and real.